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In the course of human events, there are few things that would bring the dead back.

This morning, I found myself awake after a long dream of peace, beset by that old cantankerous strumpet, American politics. I came to with a dizzied brain, as though my body had been undergoing intense subterranean revolutions for some time. I come to you all from a much smaller, meaner past, when men were men and women weren't. The green and salad days of America are well and truly finished, and nothing I wrote seems to have taken any effect.

Change in Washington? We've been calling for that for as long as I can remember, which, excepting the years following my venture into Mexico, is nonetheless longer than most of the eels in the District can boast.

What I would like to know, to begin with, is what my fellow deceased make of it all.

And what the blazes is meant by "Watergate?"


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Nov. 16th, 2008 05:08 am (UTC)
Bienvenue ! I'm sorry it took me a while to a new friend in our midst. We're pretty informal here but that means sometimes a few new bodies can slip in with the regulars unobserved.

I'm afraid I've given up on politics. To be honest, I only liked it when I felt I was making a difference, the rest of the time was just mind-numbing meetings and paperwork. When they kicked me out of the Prefectoral Corp. for being too Republican I was actually quite pleased (plus that's the one reason my family would ever consider legit by any means).

I've been somewhat excited by the devlopments I've not been following, merci very much . It sounds like the Americans are working to put their house in order. Social equality! Government regulations! They're one good strike away from being all they can be.

(Namely, French.)
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We may be dead, but we're still pretty.
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