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Long time, no ... type.

Hello to whomever may be reading. It has been quite a long time since last posting, though I see I have not missed much. My typist has been going through a whirlwind of emotional ... what can only be described as things ... and I had been either dragged along with it or metaphorically shoved into storage for later use. It is rather undignified, but it seems things may be returning to normalcy, for which I am relieved. I enjoy getting more air, so to speak.

...I am, on the other hand, confused as to how someone may or may not have gotten a photograph of me as a baby. (I'll never confirm or deny.) There are these people on a web site called Flickr that insist on putting up all kinds of images, photographic and non. I recently also saw a copy of a vinyl record with Mr. Donald Kirkley's interview of me. Although I am no stranger to how records of any kind show up unexpectedly in the far future, I am a bit surprised that one made it. It seems very few institutions have copies of it, confined mainly to universities in the Northeast and West Coast. Strange that I'm found in California; I was never fond of that state.

I've also experienced this ... YouTube phenomenon. I witnessed a clip of an "indie" film based off my meeting with the actor Rudolph Valentino. How odd to hear my words uttered by an actor! They did, at least, use things from my writings rather than put words in my mouth, but me? In movies? I have an unsavory taste in my mouth at that thought.


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Jun. 16th, 2008 02:03 am (UTC)

I sympathize completely.
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