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Afterlife Cafe

Site of the living dead

We may be dead, but we're still pretty.
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Welcome to the saloon salon of the ages!

An erudite (read: drunken) gathering of the most fascinating people who ever lived, no wonder people are dying to join afterlife_cafe!

Once upon a time, a few brilliant LJ users developed an idea called deadmentalking by which the living could ask the dead for advice. However, the role-playing exchanges between the historical sock-puppets began to overtake the advice column aspect of the community. After the comm drifted too far from the mod's intent, it was closed.

afterlife_cafe is the place where those 'historical sock-puppets from the annals of history' can continue their conversation.

The main prerequisite for this unexclusive club is that the historical personage you wish to sock-puppet is one who has shuffled off their mortal coil, rung down the curtain, and joined the choir invisible. Bleeding demised. No, pining for the Fjords doesn't count.

Like our parent group deadmentalking, we ask that:

1. No one else has claimed your puppet.
2. You puppet was a real person (no mythology, please).
3. The person has been dead at least 10 years.
4. You have a strong working knowledge of your puppet and their place in history.
5. You create a full journal for your puppet before posting.
6. The journal be easily identified with the puppet in either the name of the journal or in its user name, preferably both.
7. You post an introduction before responding in comments (or have already been active in deadmentalking).
8. For the purpose of promoting peace, the following people are not up for puppetry: The Buddha, Abraham, Mohommad, or Jesus Christ. Neither is anyone who killed a large number of people during what could be considered recent times (again, mod whim applies). This list includes but is not limited to Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Mehmed Talat Pasha, David Berkowitz, Jim Jones... Basically, if you're fame comes from killing people you're a dick and are not welcome.

The status of puppets created for deadmentalking and possibly abandoned since will be taken on a case by case basis. Please do not go to the trouble of creating a journal if you're not sure it meets the above criteria.

deadmentalking in its latter days had a rule against the mention of typists (the person 'transcribing' for the historical personage). While we understand the appeal of such a rule, we also understand the appeal of hearing our puppets comment on their futhering education in our post-modern times. Towards that end, we consider the mention of typists appropriate.

However it is not appropriate to use your puppet to talk about yourself. If you would like to be the subject of an afterlife_cafe post, we suggest having a facility with quips and quotations, telling immigration officials you have nothing to declare except your genius, starting a revolution, or D. All of the above.

afterlife_cafe does allow for a small amount of historically accurate name-calling (idiot is not okay; Capitalist pig-dog is fine). Casting asperisions on a puppet's character, declaring their invasion of Russia to be the stupidest idea since Holland declared flowers their legal tender, and challenging them to a duel are better alternatives, and much more interesting for your pop-corn chomping fellow departed.

Our general rule is if there's anyway the typist could reasonably think you're talking about them and not their puppet, don't say it.

For the record, inviting someone to a duel is completely different from threatening someone. Threats, unless clearly rooted solely in history (such as 'don't tempt me to invade your puny country!'), will not be tolerated and will result in immediate banishment.

When in doubt, don't be a jerk. If you feel someone is becoming a problem, let the Mod squad know and we'll work to settle the issue.

Our upper limit is R-rated material but people seem to feel more comfortable if we usually keep around PG-13. Because of this you can use curse words (on occasion) and hint at sexuality, but no more. Abuse this and we'll drop it to a firm PG-13 so fast it'll make your fake ID spin.

LJ Cuts
If you wish to post pictures or if your post seems a bit long, please put it behind an LJ-Cut. You can do this by putting (lj-cut text="YOUR CUT SENTENCE HERE") and (/lj-cut) around the bulk of the content, replacing () with <>.

Hint: If you think your post might be long enough to require cutting, it is.

When someone asks if we're a mod, we say yes!
Your mods are orange_fell, kshandra, and adaptor. Just like on DMT, this information is given only so that you'll know that if one of these people tells you something, their word is comm law. Also like deadmentalking, we insist you do not, we repeat, do not post comm business in their journals. Bothering mods in their journals is a bannable offense.

This group can at times be all the things its puppets have been, including rowdy, bawdy, sacriligious, blasphemous, revolutionary, artistic, militaristic, counter-culture, counter-revolutionary, facist, communist, scientific, misogynistic, misanthropic, chuavanistic, egocentric, geocentric, hell bent for leather, omnisexual, radioactive, or French.

In short, if anything anywhere in the pantheon of human behaviour offends you ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK!


Curly-haired men in dresses conquor the world, possibly by thinking of it first

ac_princeps Augustus Caesar: "I found Rome built of bricks; I leave her clothed in marble."

A.K.A. "How many Italians does it take to screw in a light bulb?"

liutprand Liutprand of Cremona: "The Greeks are false Romans!"

"They certainly are!"

eliza_hamilton Elizabeth Hamilton, wife of Alexander

1800 C.E. - 1900 C.E. ~ ROMANCE IS IN THE AIR
As long as you're a poetry-writing dandy who can barly keep his shirt on, otherwise not so much

eleonoreduplay Submit witty line here
m_bakunin "Anarchy in the U.K... and everywhere else."
tjsnodgrass Samuel Clemens

Bringing you a world that could be wiped out with the phrase 'What does this button do?'

jean_moulin "Max? Never heard of him."
ellen_naomi "A ham sandwich? Who told you THAT?"
blunt_tony Submit witty line here
ac_energy Nicola Tesla "All of the work, none of the credit."
h_l_mencken "Living with a dog is messy—like living with an idealist."
dada_scissors Tristan Zara, dadaist dandy

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